until 2009, many webmaster friends have chosen to do local websites. Local website profit pattern is very clear, to do local site I in August 09, soon as I stayed in Hangzhou, I chose Hangzhou as the site of my local city development, Hangzhou is the capital city of Zhejiang Province, in the national capital city second, 08 for the sixth years of comprehensive strength, has a population of 7 million 966 thousand people. It’s my choice to be a local station in Hangzhou.

for local web site domain name selection, have a local people can know the domain name, this will play a big role in website promotion. I choose the domain name of the Hangzhou forum, mainly from the following standards.

1. domain name should be concise, easy to input.

this is the most important factor in judging the good or bad domain name. A good domain name should be short and easy to read, easy to remember, the best people to look at to remember and read pronunciation, spelling mistakes will not lead to.

2. domain name to have certain meaning and meaning

uses the word or phrase that has certain meaning and content to be domain name, not only memory ability is good, and helpful to popularize a website. For example, places such as area code, city name, place name, Pinyin, alias and so on are all good choices.

when I was doing the Hangzhou forum, I took into account the Hangzhou area code, city name, place name, Pinyin, alias and so on. Of course, some of the well remembered domain names have been registered by others. For example, I do Hangzhou forum, area code is 0571, the city is named Hangzhou, the good record domain name was registered, I only the second, first select the 0571 area code, then the back of a joint English word choice is 0571daily.com.cn, I mean, the domain name as the Hangzhou daily, the domain name is easy to remember. I chose bbs.0571daily.com.cn as the development of my Hangzhou forum.

domain name is chosen, by the way, talk about the choice of local website server.

for server selection, because local site visitors are basically local, do local website, can be purchased directly from local space or hosting room, so network speed is better. If not, you have to choose a local network service provider.

Hangzhou Forum: http://s.bbs.0571daily.com.cn. The Hangzhou forum is dedicated to providing the Hangzhou people’s living community with Hangzhou life information, Hangzhou consumer shopping, and Hangzhou interpersonal communication services.