with the development of the domestic network services, many traditional industries must not be separated from the network platform applications. Today, I’ll make a small analysis of a series of websites in the domestic electrical industry.

we analyze the electrical industry from three aspects: first, the electric manufacturing company website two, industry portal technology exchange community three, merchant product navigation and data download

1. The website of the electric manufacturing company

The best estimate of the

electrical industry site do is Schneider electric China station (http://s.www.schneider-electric.com.cn/), open the web page using the whole Schneider green gives a very warm link easily and his brand culture, home has a huge picture, this picture shows to people quickly learned that Schneider’s new products, navigation respectively: solutions, products and services, customer support, access area, company information.

navigation classification do very well, especially for GOOGLE love this classification, there are a lot of enterprise website weaknesses, navigation is very chaotic, the Internet has brought a sense of fuzzy, the most important is clear navigation can easily search engine spiders, so when the design of enterprise website you may wish to try to do navigation the premise is simple enough enough intuitive, without death. The effect can be seen quickly,


web layout is very important, many people like to do a lot of home page, a lot of content, I feel that this will do very well, but in fact it is wrong. In fact, in the home site of the largest function is not to show your products and services, but as the total navigation effect of a website is the best website home page on the left such as Schneider, are accounted for half of the station outside the station of the central navigation, displaying the latest news and services, the right is the customer registration landing window, so that the customer through registered landing can get more service. Web page as a station of the specific introduction is better, the best way is to write on your web site keywords, help search engine included


overall analysis, Schneider electric website layout architecture can hit 80 points, the content hit 90 points, color collocation 95 points,

two, industry portal technology exchange community

recently discovered a long cool electric Forum (http://s.www.90cool.com), the site is actually a forum, but unlike other website home page partition and site navigation classification, site positioning is to provide electrical industry technology exchange and resource sharing. Different from the individual electrical industry forum, the classification is very chaotic, what are mixed without goals do of course forum registered members also have a discount rate of return.

long cool electrical forum home is simple and generous, divided into: resources and services, industrial automation, distribution products and equipment, installation and control, switchgear sets, such as

is intuitive to friends who prefer technical exchanges