such business skills in the end, right? Such a business in the end the development of shops will help? This is the problem that every shopkeeper is worried about. In fact, every shop owner wants to develop new customers while retaining more old customers. The greater the number of customers, the more able to drive business, forming a virtuous circle. No boss is willing to easily offend a customer, of course, I am no exception.

can go back to the past and willing to violate, seemingly a little thing, but forever lost an old customer. Want to feel very depressed.

that’s when the Spring Festival is over 2014. One of our old customers to the store that is to buy two red Nanjing to bring home for the elderly, as for the purchase of special purchases for the Spring Festival prepare again later. Because they are greeting other customers, I promised to wait a little while ordering the store to help the eldest sister out of the smoke cabinet two cigarettes in the past. After all, we are old acquaintances, money change are sister doing, I can not care did not participate. I finished his business customers away, asked sister just two red Nanjing people how much money, 220 yuan ah, yes." The elder sister told me very relaxed.

"right? According to the retail price of the checkout is wrong!" I’m anxious and annoyed to say. The old customer temperament I know, if you feel that you can’t enjoy the preferential price, is not to regard him as a VIP client, to him is a very dirty thing. Although people don’t say anything, I’m not happy. Perhaps it is also possible that we do not come to our store consumption.

proved my concern is not redundant. A few days later, I found the old customers actually go elsewhere to purchase special purchases for the Spring Festival. Annoyed depressed, I reflect on what the mentality of their own customers, how to adjust the price of the goods, both to standardize the operation and customer satisfaction. I do not intend to blame sister, she did not know that we are not uniform in the sale price, often vary from person to person.

also do not want too much tangled, self blame was not able to take care of a sentence. Can not blame the customer, people have their own choice, not willing to do what you have to do? The reason is now more difficult to do business, the business is too much material excess oversupply. We can not change the reality can only be reflected in reality, to seek a breakthrough is king.

How can

get more repeat customers? I sum up the experience as follows:

(a) the same commodity price sales. Both old and new customers, sales price implementation can avoid embarrassment and unnecessary disputes.

(two) master customer psychology is very important. Sometimes people don’t want you to give him cheap, but his own feeling to take advantage of you.