China is a predominantly agricultural country, can be said to be a big agricultural country, at the same time, the rapid development of agricultural economy, but also brought many new opportunities and market, let’s look at what the rich business opportunities in rural areas.

high-end fruit and vegetable planting

mobile repair


from the current development situation, pig farmers more, and for the industry, the price of pork market is not very stable, the first problem: the cost of pig production and market is ideal, when raised to slaughter, if the market situation is not ideal, and do need to feed costs a lot pig breeding and fatigue in this case had to slaughter, thus causing the low rate of return, labor The loss outweighs the gain. pig. If you start a slaughterhouse and a frozen bank in rural areas to solve this problem, when the market is not good when you can slaughter pigs frozen, when the market turns better when the market. Give full play to the effectiveness of resources at the lowest cost input and high returns, which reduces the risk of rural pig market, so the establishment of slaughterhouses and frozen banks in rural areas is of great potential.

development of rural ponds

before the rural fish market is more common, the local market is also very good, but because of the current farmland development, housing construction and land development in rural areas, the fish resource is less and less, this phenomenon can be developed through the terrain environment such as ponds rural pit, deserted glebe, the development of fish ponds can be issued to the local farmers to fish. Collect rents ponds can also promote the development of related industries, such as fish feed, forage fish, medicine and so on, when the industrial development of forming can be used as supporting, such as leisure farms (fishing leisure, accommodation, catering, tourism, etc.).

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