clothing industry is a good industry in today’s social development, a lot of clothing brands appear in our lives, choose the right brand to join the investment, so you can get a good return. So, open a clothing store, then how to decorate it? Xiao Bian made a detailed introduction.

first, the clothing store to be unified in terms of color, clothing and decoration color to be very harmonious integration, so that one can see the main colors of the store. But pay attention to unity is not to make the color of clothing and decoration is completely consistent, so that it will make the store is very dull and dull, should allow local contrast and obey the whole.

two, the purpose of lighting. The clothing store decoration, lighting plays a crucial role, as a piece of clothing to polish and no lights out display effect is completely different, especially by the model of the single display, must use searchlights for foil. The color of the light is appropriate, blue light gives people a feeling of cold, cold, psychedelic (summer), the yellow light gives people a warm feeling (winter).

three, the fitting room is very important, the customer to make the decision to buy clothes are mostly in the fitting room, but there are many shops no fitting room or fitting room is very simple, it will affect the customer’s final purchase.

four, shelf space should be set aside to walk, can be divided into the main channel and sub channel, the image of the background of the main entrance or buy the main channel. Identical collocation. The same color of the clothes put together will give people a very comfortable feeling, pay attention to the same color with the same style, the same length put together, so as not to make people feel like warehouse.

five, contrasting colors. The clothing store decoration, can be used to express warm cool, for example: Green wear red clothes, wear blue yellow clothes, placed in a pole, can not let the warm and cool colors each accounted for 50%, the best is the ratio of about 3:7 more appropriate, should pay attention to with cold warm.

six, rational use of living area. The so-called living area is in the face of the direction of the flow of people most likely to see the region, otherwise the dead zone. To push their own style in the main living area, the other style on the dead zone, which can greatly enhance sales.

seven, the number of models to control. Some operators believe the model easier to make the display effect, put many models in their own shops, but will have the opposite effect, the so-called "rare", the best wear styles in the model has the best effect.

eight, the rational use of live models". Shopping guide is a live model of clothing, which style they wear will sell what style, which is a good way to reduce inventory.