early in the United States there is a serious problem of racial discrimination, a 6 year old black children come out to fight, experienced a variety of hardships in life, and finally out of the slums, for their own to create a brilliant future.

grew up in the United States that there are a lot of slum children have embarked on the road of drug trafficking. In the 70s of the last century, the black ghetto in New York produced a notorious drug lord Nicky · Barnes. Gray said: if you go to drug trafficking, then you may get some short-term benefits, but in the end will fall into the hell of a dilemma. I prefer the first bitter sweet."

because no one dares to employ the 6 year old child, the first step with the ambition of Gray choose the most readily available resources to start a business, for example in the street just to find the stones.

"I began in the stone painting colors and patterns, and then sell the knocking from door to door works. I knocked loudly, shaking hands with people said: "Hello! My name is Gray FELA ·. Would you like to buy this stone? It can be used to do the Paperweight, bookend or door legs. " Those people would look at me with a puzzled look and say, ‘isn’t this the stone that was in front of my house?’ I would say, ‘yes. But it’s not the same as it is now. ""

8 years old established the business association


8 years old, Gray established his own business association, called the "urban neighborhood economic association of enterprises, this is an encouraging young people to entrepreneurship community organization, members are some poor families of children. Gray managed to get donations from a number of local businessmen, for transportation and for the cost of renting the venue, so that poor children could get together to learn how to do business.

"I was very nervous, because I must be in such a young age asking people to donate money, but also face the reality of being rejected. A lot of people would say ‘no’ to me. They’ll close the door in front of us. But I managed to raise $15 thousand