home is the root of people, no matter how much money earned in the outside, people will think of home. The current policy of innovation and entrepreneurship so that a lot of migrant workers decided to return home venture, both to promote the development of the home economy, but also to earn more money, live a good life.

"wandering people all want to go home"

We pack up

", in two days, ready to start work." In January 22nd, during the Lantern Festival, Xi Zhuang Cun, Xingtang County Villagers Jin Liang is not idle. Early in the morning, he and his wife came to their rented factory, pack up things, ready to start.

"no matter in how much money, how much the world seen, wandering people all want to go home." 30 year old Jin Liang said, did not graduate from high school, he went to work in the coal yard in Jingxing, where the work is a few years. After marriage, the wife working in Xingtang County, two people separated, one year has seen a few times. 5 years ago, their daughter was born, in order to take care of the child, his wife went home to live, he is still working around. "At that time, I wanted to go home. I didn’t want to go out."

2015 in October, Jin Liang and his wife for a business license, a small generation factory was formally established. The government is also very supportive of our migrant workers return home, the introduction of a number of preferential policies, we also enjoy a lot of benefits. Last year, we wish to apply to the government’s discount loans, funding problems eased." Jin Liang said that the government’s interest loans plus their savings, last year, he bought a breath of 22 electronic sewing machine, standardized flow.

"at present, we have more than 20 workers, a year down to finish about 200000 pieces of apron, gowns, profits with two of us migrant workers are not too much, but we can keep doing this, the elderly, children can take care of." Jin Liang said, compared with their parents, this generation of migrant workers is no longer simply content to earn wages, they are more want to change the identity from "migrant workers" to "entrepreneurs", and even led to the rich folks.

in "public entrepreneurship, innovation" under the background of migrant workers’ entrepreneurship has become the trend. In order to do a good job of migrant workers, college students and retired soldiers and other personnel to return home to work, in January of this year, the city issued on the support of migrant workers and other personnel recommended