college students entrepreneurship is not a new thing. Recently, the Shanghai Jiaotong University Campus kiosks reform and transformation, to create a number of micro incubator to help college students entrepreneurial team to achieve business.

1984, the only part-time team "is also in the 10 square meters of space in the office cram school started, but now as the only education, has become the A shares of listed companies. As a result, the school student affairs center in the Minhang campus of 4 crowded newsstand, so as not to rent the form for college students to start a business, the basic period of one year.

"Rahmat culture" founded by Shanghai Jiaotong University of the arts and Humanities Research Institute Bo Wang Yixia two girls. Prior to the settlement, the team has embarked on the business, the Shanghai Drama and concert performances and other major theater tickets, to 2 to 30 percent off of the price of the purchase and sale of the Internet, so that students enjoy the high-end performance at low prices. Settled in the small pavilion, Wang Yixia jumped out of new ideas, there is a physical store, you may wish to try to transform the line."

"settled in micro incubator nor sleep without any anxiety. Center Director Hu Weiwei, the quarterly assessment of the assigned team from the business scope, the amount of sales, profitability and other aspects, divided into excellent, qualified and failed the 3 grade, the best average monthly sales of more than 10 thousand yuan, net profit of more than 1000 yuan. Won the outstanding team, won the "Red Pavilion" next year to lease the premises; on the contrary, such as two consecutive unqualified, will be out of the pavilion, in later. It is reported that the full correction of the design of the new second batch of 6 micro incubator, and the establishment of recommended