in our life if a city wants to continue to enhance their own strength, can not be separated from their own shape and promotion, of course, in the process of upgrading the economy is the foundation of the same. News from the city’s financial department said that this year, the city’s financial arrangements for the exhibition industry 30 million yuan of special funds to support the introduction and the holding of various conferences and exhibitions, and actively create a "Convention and Exhibition city". For Xiamen to create a convention and Exhibition City, the following and small series of specific understanding.

According to statistics, as of October, the city’s financial support for the major meetings held in the exhibition, the exhibition 19 screenings of the 177. The number and size of the conference and exhibition, the number of participants and exhibitors are more than the same period in previous years, greatly enhance the international influence and competitiveness of the exhibition industry in our city, led the development of the service industry and other related industries.

city government arranged a special fund of nearly 4 million yuan, for my exhibition marketing promotion work, including the collection and implementation of the programme, the global marketing promotion held "2016 Xiamen exhibition industry high-end international development of" special training ", Chinese (Xiamen) exhibition tourism Global Forum, and the upcoming 2016 four places (Xiamen) an important exhibition exhibition Cooperation Forum, for the city to build tourism exhibition international first-class business environment and enhance the international visibility of give advice and suggestions, to create a strong atmosphere of industrial development.

Xiamen city to create the exhibition, investment funds 30 million, is very favorable for the construction of the city, each project will run up in the investment funds, we look forward to a new Xiamen show in front of everyone. At the same time to increase support at the same time, this year, the city also cooperate with the third party financial evaluation agencies to carry out the exhibition industry special fund performance evaluation. At present, the exhibition industry to support the implementation of the policy, the results will be used as an important reference for the revision and improvement of policy.

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