clothing industry is a profiteering industry, but in order to make a difference in this industry, we must work hard. The following Xiaobian for everyone to sort out the necessary skills to run a clothing store.

1, to determine the object oriented, that is what level are you want to sell something to it.

2, competitor analysis, competitor’s business situation, what characteristics, what is the lack of positioning.

3, stream of people estimates, the scope of the set.

4, the search for the goods into the channel, just the beginning of the volume of goods not much to a large number of species based, after a certain period of time, to understand what kind of good selling more goods.

5, into the style and price of goods.

6, more understanding and attention to the latest trends.

7, good after-sales service.

8, with sincerity, credit.

1, clothing store merchandise display must be unique. Small store space, clothing store merchandise display is limited, so in order to attract passers-by to stop the consumption, have to spend more time in the clothing store furnishings. It is often best to change the clothing store display to a new and fresh feeling, in order to improve the turnover rate.

2, creating a sales climate. Popular Wang, will naturally attract customers to visit, in the absence of people, but also from time to time to organize the clothing store goods, adjust the display. Don’t sit in front of Langtui, make potential customers or the reverse clothing shop in psychology class goods.

3, business innovation. To quickly reflect the popularity of the development of special clothing store goods, so that customers do not buy this time, the next can not buy the popular feeling.

4, to cultivate customer loyalty with quality service. Best to try to seize every customer. It is best to remember the preferences of the old customers, and take the initiative to introduce the clothing store they might like. In addition, the acceptance of a single customer orders or cargo transfer speed, but also to enhance consumer loyalty.

5, cumulative overweight discount. The first time the door of the customer, issued a membership card, the second time, the clothing store goods can hit ten percent off, the third time to hit the twenty percent off, the fourth hit thirty percent off, after the shopping can play a total of thirty percent off. Since then, the money may earn a little less, but the store is strong enough to withstand the risk of economic downturn.