in many barbecue meal to join in the project many investors are more optimistic about Zhang sister barbecue meal, in order to further understand the many investors are willing to make an on-the-spot investigation, but Zhang sister barbecue meal has a franchise in various parts of the country, many people do not know the total of Sister Zhang barbecue meal where, following small we do a detailed introduction.

In October

2003 Zhang Jie Zhang Xiumei founded in Dalian the first rice barbecue barbecue meal Zhang Jie stores. In May 2007, the establishment of the most professional food supply chain, the realization of business intelligence. In June 2010, the provinces and municipalities in China gradually developed, the establishment of the national direct shop. In November 2013, the establishment of the Dalian sister Restaurant Management Co., ltd.. October 2015, the national Zhang Xiumei brand has reached 7000 stores. 2016, the national physical stores over 10000.

Zhang sister barbecue bibimbap chain stores headquarters address

company has a professional R & D, production, service, technology consulting, professional team, won the "Chinese restaurant brand", "3.15 enterprise", "civilized dining unit", "national green food consumption brand", "Liaoning time-honored catering", "investors favorite brand", "Chinese flavor cuisines", and other honorary titles. After more than ten years of steady development, after the initial work hard now, to create a Sister Zhang roast crispy chicken rice, Zhang Jie rice, Sister Zhang hamburger series star product.

Zhang sister barbecue catering business and accumulated over the years by food product development, has the unique expertise and management plan, professional, fashion, environmental protection, safety management by the majority of customers trust and honesty, to help partners in needle operators, partners also won high recognition and quite visibility.

company to meet the trend of fashion fast food, continue to introduce new. Zhang Jie advocated a new concept of fast food brand, quickly became a favorite of everyone around the rice experts in the field of. Franchise business are very hot, where to join the business reputation is very good!

is so popular to join the brand, many will ask Zhang sister barbecue bibimbap headquarters? Sister Zhang barbecue bibimbap is headquartered in Dalian, if you want to study, can go to Dalian to visit the headquarters of