Hot pot market because people’s needs are constantly changing, which is also in constant innovation, the fish will Hot pot in this context was also won high recognition, has a good market development market. However, if you want to do hot pot business, you need to do a good job related to the location and positioning. So, how to do a good job location and positioning fish hot pot?

fish hot pot location:

often find out, go out to see if this place is in the transfer. Good fish hot pot address should be: shops behind the community, the opposite is also a mature community, there are a wide range of mature communities, there is a large consumer groups, close to the seafood market, convenient procurement.

has a new subway station and bus, traffic is very convenient. And the surrounding district is relatively mature, various types of businesses have, is next to the home, KFC, pear and other stores, convenient communication between members. Large flow of people, close to the community, is the best choice for fish hotpot site.

fish hotpot location:

first fish category determines the price of fish by the season, climate, environmental impact is small, not like vegetables and other prices will have a lot of floating. And the audience is relatively wide, children to the elderly can be, in line with modern dining standards. Relatively easy to control the cost of fish, profit margins are relatively large. And the key points, management of fish fish are killed, Hot pot, secret recipe, fish Hot pot has the advantages of simple operation, easy realization of standardization.

second, other fish restaurant, such as the Wushan fish market is close to saturation, and sea fishing, etc. Hot pot xinladao higher per capita consumption of fish, franchise Hot pot brand is less at present belongs to the blue ocean market. Positioning 50 yuan / person, the first set of products and then set the price, on the basis of taking into account the cost of positioning. The crowd and the future of the franchisee, decided to price.

if a shop even their own positioning is not accurate, but also to provide consumers with more quality services? Therefore, if you want to succeed in the operation of the fish hot pot business, site selection and positioning work needs to be done in place, so as to ensure that the latter store business booming, and then bring more wealth for the operator returns.