saw the summer of 2016 has come, if you want to hold such a summer, can earn more profit, naturally also need to choose a good business opportunities. So, what to do in the summer of 2016 to make money? The flow of ice in the market is very large, we should choose oh.

2016 summer to sell what the most profitable? There is no doubt that the flow of ice is one of them. This project is to market before the popular mobile snack car model grafted to the cold drinks market, which greatly enhance the flexibility of grassroots investors.

practitioners are currently almost in a state of profitability, but also the first month of the opening of the business will be able to recover the initial investment and obtain a certain amount of net profit.

ice flow characteristics of the project

operating convenience. Due to the limitations of the shops, investors can liquidity management, very convenient, where people can do business where.

ice flow characteristic of


1, the vehicle is easy to move.

2, dynamic ice in a configuration for refrigerated freezer, ice cream.

3, the flow of ice is suitable to the school gate, the flow of people and entertainment.

4, the machine can be used battery driven, is a convenient mobile shop.

5, flow unit adopt humanized design, theme picture body around free stickers ice cream. More attractive to consumers.

market analysis

according to the authoritative body predicted that the next 5 years, the domestic market will be the city of cold drinks market, and now many big cold drinks institutions are beginning to sink channels, and constantly in the two or three line city staking the two or three. Fully illustrates the potential of the market. At the same time, into the summer, but also the peak period of cold drinks consumption, although the market is currently a lot of related projects, but more in the form of stores. Although this model is good, but due to the impact of high rent costs, so that the store’s profits fell sharply. In other words, it is hard to make money investors, the final profit went to the landlord pocket.

and this flow bingche mode effectively solves this problem, which saves the cost of rent, increase profits, and will expand the business scope, earn more profit, especially for the two or three line of the city’s grassroots investors.

flow surface, estimated investment conditions and benefits of