2016 years, all kinds of new deal began to implement. Hangzhou will introduce a new entrepreneurial employment policy, multiple combination of boxing so that people from all walks of life can benefit. Improve the current success rate of entrepreneurship.

2 1, Hangzhou’s employment policy to upgrade to version 4. The launch of the "support of the public business to promote employment opinion", a combination of boxing is a full range of add, subtract, multiply and divide "words is the most straightforward, steady employment, promote employment, not only to allow more people to have the" rice bowl ", but also let you more gold bowl.

funds to support

– college students, workers in the urban self-employed, can apply for unsecured loans, increased from 200 thousand yuan to 300 thousand yuan. One of the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, research and development, the highest loan amount of cultural and creative projects, from the original 300 thousand yuan to $500 thousand.

The new

in students of Hangzhou University, technical college before graduating senior above occupation qualification certificate, and entrepreneurship in urban employment, can enjoy 2000 yuan subsidy per person.


– registered unemployed college graduates, founded the individual industrial and commercial households, individual owned enterprises, can enjoy tax relief policy.

– tax incentives for enterprises to absorb employment personnel from unemployment for more than 1 years to expand more than half a year, according to the provisions of the relief enterprise registration, license management, administrative fees.

– encourage a variety of ways to the construction of College Business Park, to meet the conditions can be given to a one-time 1 million yuan construction fund.

– college students, graduate within 5 years of college graduates, more than half of registered unemployed personnel, employment difficulties, is engaged in agricultural products sales network in the urban business engaged in e-commerce business or in the urban areas of the administrative villages, counties, and in accordance with the sales network to enjoy a one-time employment subsidies, social security subsidies to business conditions go up 20%, subsidy standard.

– the original certificate of unemployment, employment assistance, rural labor employment permit registration certificate, registration certificate of new job in Hangzhou four card, adjusted for the employment permit.

– the full recommended