many times, what kind of attitude you treat customers, a long time, the customer will be what kind of attitude to return the owner. The shop opened in four years, we have been in business in "true sincerity for company" principle, adhere to the real price of goods is not honest, honest and trustworthy. Because we are honest, also harvested from the customer’s sincere.

today, Wang came to the store to buy cigarettes and alcohol, and supply us 100 yuan. Brother Wang is the shop of VIP, two days ago, he bought two bottles of wine in the hands of the husband, the husband is 100 yuan a bottle of wine to take 150 yuan a bottle of wine, they care not until at that time, Wang brother returned home only to find a husband to the wrong wine.

so, hastened to give us a call to explain the situation, and that he would not change the wine, and later to the middle of the difference to us. Spend cheap to buy high priced wine, this is what he earned, if he does not say that we can not remember. Wang brother made a phone call, also asked us to do business must be careful, the difference between the 100 yuan to earn money is not easy, he was very impressed by his sincerity.

Wang brother dealing with less than a year, in October 1st last year, his daughter huimen banquet, introduced by a friend to the store to buy drinks. According to his demand for him did not run out of the goods delivery distribution, as long as it does not affect recall of all two sales, customer service and meticulous service, and he became a frequent visitor to the store, I often to take care of business.

in the usual process of buying and selling, we guarantee genuine goods at a fair price, warm and thoughtful service, sometimes he didn’t have time to shop, as long as a phone even a bottle of wine will give him to the hands. Wang is also a businessman, chat often talk about doing business, such as life, only the integrity of people, business can be a long time". This things make us more respect for him.

is now a lot of people doing business is too reckless with greed, just to make money, this is very adverse to earn for wealth. In short, want to do a good job in the business must first learn to be a man of good faith to do business, really treat customers, will also gain from the customer’s sincere and moving.