traditional cake shop, although there is a good business market, however, the operation of many people, the industry’s fierce competition, business is not good to do. Therefore, if you want to make your cake shop business is more popular, naturally need to open up a new model, open an innovative way to profit. Here, Xiaobian for everyone to suggest that if you want to successfully open a cake shop, may wish to provide DIY services.

now, the cake shop and a new way of profit. Many cake shops have to follow suit, also received a very good effect. This cake shop is a new way to allow customers to do their own DIY cake, cake shop in the change in the pattern of profit, but also their own mistakes more meaningful cake. This new way of profit is being accepted by more and more cake shops.

Jing Jing seize the characteristics of young people nowadays like DIY, continuous research, carefully produced a variety of new styles of cakes, to provide them with DIY cake making services, has won more and more customers.

" sweet things are beautiful, and can make people happy, so I opened a cake shop, Jing Jing " DIY cake shop opened in Shenzhen on the road, almost every day, a young girl of youth pleasant or naive kids here to learn, making a beautiful hidden heart wish the cake.

pedestrian street is not suitable for DIY

opened the desire of the DIY cake shop, Jing Jing more than 1 years ago went to Hongkong to see a lot of beautiful DIY cake shop after germination. She believes that no one will love so sweet cake; young people love the new idea of new ideas, love yourself for individual thing; at present, although the Shenzhen cake shop a lot, but there is no DIY cake store. In addition, the cake business, different from the other catering industry, there is no smoke, easy to handle the relevant documents, the venue can also be kept clean, whether it is staff or customers, will be very happy, happy. Where to find such an industry?

just then, her a pastry chef in five star hotel friends want to resign their own business, the two hit it off. After some discussion, she decided to open a DIY cake shop.

at the beginning, she locked the shop address in the area of overseas Chinese town, where there are colleges and universities, many young people, and the atmosphere is relatively " petty " also considered Luohu’s downtown business district. However, a partner and discuss, think of these two places is not ideal: Overseas Chinese town area population although young, but the lack of crowd; although Luohu has a lively pedestrian street, but are noisy places, do DIY need to have a relatively quiet environment. Then, at last she selected a step on the road. Step on the road is Luohu and Futian District >