now, many people optimistic about the food and beverage industry, this industry is very popular and welcomed the development of the situation is very good, now, many people began to invest in joining the catering industry, but business is not an easy thing, especially for the novice, so novice in catering to join need to pay attention to what


on the site must be accurate. A lot of food and beverage franchisee after joining the operating state is not good, a lot of reasons is because the location of the problem. Due to improper location, customers can not see, there is no natural. It is important to find the brand, to find the address of the brand shop, is also essential. Generally speaking, in the site, first of all pay attention to the characteristics of the target consumer group, including who do business? What are the fixed residents around the flow of customers? What? Secondly, to the level of income from consumer groups to determine the consumption level and consumption trend, forecast for the next six months. Finally, to consider the rent factors should be taken into account sales forecast, gross profit, cost level, location choice decision.

franchisees also deal with various conditions the franchisee promised to carry out in-depth study and understanding. For example, the franchisee whether formal, legal, business scope of its business license and confirm the franchisee, credibility, quality and how you contact the staff, whether there is a complete franchise contract, these aspects are in a certain extent represents the strength of the franchisee.


Make sure


in front of the shop to actively accumulate experience in the industry. The so-called gehangrugeshan, with different benefits, is not due to familiarity with the. Industry experience for a food franchise, it is a very important course. Some of the industry experience is difficult to get from a book or a few books, many things can only be obtained first-hand experience. Therefore, the food and beverage franchisee should pay attention everywhere, a lot of accumulation. Join the accumulation of channels, including a look at some of the food and beverage industry magazines, and industry news, more understanding of some of the food and beverage industry peers, and more exchanges with some of the food market