many Internet giants are starting from Hangzhou, the Hangzhou hi tech Zone (Binjiang) has become the cradle of Hangzhou the development of independent innovation and entrepreneurship, Binjiang now launched a new development strategy, to attract more talents for Binjiang to achieve progress again.

China in information economic layout, Hangzhou hi tech Zone (Binjiang) (hereinafter referred to as Binjiang) an important. 20 years on independent innovation, Chinese made and intelligence applications, Binjiang network information technology industry to create a complete industrial chain, formed qianyiji wisdom economy industry, industry cluster and e-commerce, Internet, wisdom, wisdom IOT wisdom, wisdom, wisdom medical security environmental protection and a number of "Internet plus".

8 the end of the month, Hangzhou high tech Zone officially approved the National Innovation Demonstration Zone, Zhan Min said: "the core area of Binjiang will be the next national innovation demonstration zone, the core area of the lead play a good demonstration effect. We must strive to promote " the three venture " this is the main line of the development of Binjiang."

"to" talent, reinforce the independent innovation highland

8 years ago, from San Jose State University of California graduate, known as the "Silicon Valley of excellence" fan yuan, decided to give up everything in the United States, founded the Hangzhou Hengxin Information Technology Co., Ltd., Binjiang entrepreneurial roots. Binjiang has a good entrepreneurial environment, much like Silicon Valley. At the same time, the government has a policy of helping students, many help are put in place. Here the expectations and aspirations of outstanding talent is very strong." Fan Yuan said the reason for his roots.

Wu Hongyan into the Internet, came to Binjiang to set up their own R & D team, the "hidden interest" APP users quickly reached 200 thousand. He said: "here to encourage the success of tolerance failure, dare to invest willing to invest. Here can be filled with my short board, the docking of the required social resources, but also has recommended