any one of the owners are looking forward to the service can get more customer recognition, however, in the actual operation of the process, different shopkeepers tend to have different business strategies. My name is Zhang Mingying, is a cigarette retail customers in Henan, Yima, and I rely on is sincere!

my supermarket is less than 50 square meters, but here is my dream, happiness. 13 years of business life, in this store in the interpretation of the ups and downs of life and countless moved. Think back through every year, every day, my heart in the jump, in the surging, because the hope of life lit here, happy to pass here, here is my life stage.

over the years, from the bottom of my heart that sincere to accompany me through a spring, when I see the customer praise eyes to me, or to my thumbs up, I deeply aware of: sincerity is the quality of a person. Sincerely, sincerely, in reality, not playing tricks, not conceal the truth, not to resort to deceit, hidden interests, these are "sincere bluff and deceive," the contents of. Sincere in exchange for the truth, the truth brings. My supermarket is in the sincere and true feelings of the continuous interaction, step by step to the success of the other side.

sincere hospitality, I have been followed by the operating principles. There are many customers asked me: in this materialistic era, even if you pay your sincere, it will be able to win the hearts of others? For this question, my answer is very simple: to be honest, not to ask others sincerely return.

hope that their sincerity can be exchanged for other people’s sincerity, which is itself not sincere. Sincerity is like a glass of pure water. People are emotional animals, a person in the sincere infection, he can experience the sincerity of the beautiful. Over time, he will be in this beautiful efforts to change themselves, and gradually will be sincere to treat other people!

remember that in August this year is the day at noon, I was in store business, suddenly across a new retail outlets opened near the boss ran to me here, that there is a customer in his store waiting to five "Yellow Crane Tower" cigarettes, but unfortunately my store only a "Yellow Crane Tower", and because they do not care to make it a cigarette to squeeze out of shape, although only a corner of the fold, but I always put it all in the warehouse, not in front of the counter, and my husband is smoking people, I want to keep himself consumption.

I told the situation to the colleague, he said it doesn’t matter, go back and get him tidy. I didn’t agree to his request. He is not willing to give up, continue to say: "you are afraid of what ah! It’s not for you to sell, it doesn’t have anything to do with you