aunt very long tea to join the project choice, is a very advantageous choice. For business with a small capital of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs choose to join aunt very mang tea project, opening his own love aunt very mang tea shop, is very popular with the choice!

founder of the Taiwan beverage aunt is a very long tea, since 90s, he was obsessed with all kinds of drinks and desserts in Taiwan R & D work, with the continuous improvement of the product, has a strong R & D capability.

founded the popularity of a dream, in order to build a new, different beverage shop, providing consumers with the best drink for the target. Thus, the establishment of the Zhejiang Hangzhou aunt is very long tea to join.

aunt very long tea tea join conditions:

(1) over the age of 60 years of age and under the age of 20, good health, both men and women can be.

(2) single or double join can be -time, can be put into operation.

(4) high school or above, free experience, good credit.

(5) have the advantages of the chain to join the cognition, the same business philosophy, enthusiasm and dedication to the cause of the beverage.

(6) joined the master must personally participate in education and training, and through the examination.

(7) all the main business raw materials must be unified to the parent company procurement, in order to maintain brand image and product quality consistency.

(8) there are no stores are available.