is a chicken in the Chinese can be all kinds of cooking dishes, such as chicken, beggar’s chicken, Roast Chicken, following small to say this chicken badly, entrepreneurial franchisees see come over, for this presentation you see you are satisfied.

100 flavor roast chicken is part of the Shandong hundred flavor food management Co., Ltd. is China’s first professional development of rock chicken recipe recipe, after a number of companies to imitate the automatic rock chicken oven. The company hired a national cooking master, a national master of pickled, carefully developed the fifth generation of rock chicken secret recipe, after just a few years of rapid development, all over the north and south. So what about a rock chicken joint?

100 flavor roast chicken under the correct leadership of the United States to the food and beverage equipment, food and beverage project chain, food and beverage consulting, research and development, production, sales and service in one integrated enterprise. Committed to the development of new products and research and development, production of automatic rock chicken sales throughout the country, and exported to Vietnam, Burma, Russia and other countries. Companies adhere to the "science and technology industry," "secret recipe" to create a first-class product development policy, to provide better services, and friends at home and abroad work together to create a better tomorrow.

subway Roast Chicken joined rock has the characteristics of reasonable structure, simple operation, stable operation, high efficiency, high quality imported stainless steel, with high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, rolling Roast Chicken furnace design, fuel consumption characteristics, high thermal efficiency, low cost, easy to move, easy maintenance and wide application. Applicable to all kinds of different temperature, different time of baking, adopt imported parts, to ensure the machine failure rate is zero, and the price of subway Roast Chicken rock joined with similar products is relatively low, also the headquarters is also equipped with high-grade stainless steel grill, universal wheels, flexible push pull, let every entrepreneur can easily operate, very suitable for venture investors.

how to join

100 square rock chicken roast has the following advantages:

1. automatic rotating barbecue: a chain of automatic rotating barbecue, without manual rotation, simple and convenient.

2. is grilled hot, at a glance: six rows of Roasted Chicken while rotating barbecue, fawning like dancing rock. Look at the ducks slowly roasted golden yellow, smell the thick smell, feet on the walk, immediately buy a few to eat.

The number of

3. roast: six rows of roast chicken oven has a total of six pieces of roast chicken, roast chicken can be baked every chicken or duck, you can roast the same time, only 18. Good business can be baked out.

4. with battery, easy to move: there is easy to move the wheels, the battery can be in the local