now the clothing market competition is very fierce, so we can see in many places brand clothing discount store. Brand clothing discount franchise is also the focus of attention. Today, the development of franchising will encounter many problems, how to better and faster to solve these difficulties is how they are most urgently needed. How to do a good job in brand clothing discount store franchise? Let’s take a look.

has survey data show that the franchisee chose the franchise, because they lack the concept of business (45.7%). 16% of the respondents replied that they wanted to get in touch with a large company to benefit from their national image and the help and support they provided.

There was a significant difference between the

franchisee values and the franchisee is consistent also franchising organization form the benign operation of the tomb of the conditions. Here we have carried on the inspection from the following aspects: the confidence of the franchisee. The survey found that the franchisee to engage in the work of self-confidence is only about 53.5%, indicating that the confidence of the franchisee is not very strong, which is the main reason for his choice to join the mature franchise system. However, the franchisee of this concept will be detrimental to the development of the franchise system.

franchisees leave insurance consciousness. Education is proportional to the spirit of adventure. The results show that the higher the degree, the greater the courage of the operator. Answer "very willing to try", college education level is significantly higher than those of high school education level, doctoral degree of business operators is 100% of the joy and go. In addition, franchisees are willing to assume credit for their failure and risk awareness reflected, the acceptance rate of the total to 83,7% (see Table 7), among them, men than women to join the nearly 20 percentage points higher, reaching 88.1%, while only 68.5% female franchisees. Thus, the ability to bear the risk and desire of men and women are stronger than women. However, the franchisee’s age factor