some entrepreneurs like to join the brand, because the brand has a good market effect, in the vast market opportunities, the prospects for a good. How to make a brand positioning, we look at 3 ways to brand positioning.

"behind the brand is culture", "culture is the economy of tomorrow", different brands attached to different specific culture, identity and resonance of consumers is the key to product sales. Positioning needs to grasp the consumer’s purchase psychology and purchase motivation, stimulate consumer sentiment. The success of positioning: first, must be concise, seize the key points, not to say all the advantages of the product but to say something different. Two should be able to cause consumer resonance.


"quietly beans" brand is to seize the unique psychological characteristics of children and adults are completely different, with a simple advertising appeal "don’t eat beans quietly, quietly" and one famous nationwide. Therefore, enterprises in order to create a famous brand, we must study the target consumer demand psychology, cultural background, consumption concept, aesthetic and cultural values and their specific needs and adapt to the cultural value orientation and aesthetic orientation, the scientific orientation of the target consumers to succeed.

concept orientation.

concept orientation is the inevitable product of the marketing development and the objective requirements, is the foundation of brand building, is a prerequisite for the success of the brand, brand operation is goal oriented, is the primary task of brand management, is of immeasurable value in brand management. Therefore, the concept of positioning theory from the date of birth, it is playing more and more