animal husbandry soup big bone line? High quality food, the best choice for worry free business. For business with a small capital entrepreneurs, is a very wise choice. Join in the big bone soup, big market, hot business opportunities, what are you still hesitating?

clean dining environment

do not say anything else, the first thing you want to talk about is the dining environment. The dining environment is the first impression, the dining environment directly determines whether the customer choose to eat. Animal husbandry soup is located in the new street Wumart, simple and bright restaurant can accommodate about 60 people, quiet and pleasant atmosphere makes people feel relaxed and comfortable, so that people in a complex environment can relax.

a variety of nutritious food

and remember not only delicious taste of the soup soup, Noodle Casserole, and authentic pie (with the original Fumin Street maiduo pie shop) and the cool and refreshing cold dish and food.

looked at the figure of these fine delicacy, has been unable to hide greeds. But don’t have light colored soup and soup, store and pie with thin filling large maiduo pie with Xiangnen refreshing bone soup, really is a taste of the feast.

authentic production technology

and remember all the dishes are soup production skills guarantee authentic, pure bone soup, do not add flavor, pigment, monosodium glutamate, bring you the most original


amazing technical guidance

all the dishes in the soup by the only Asian chef in China, the world’s largest competition judge Qu Hao served as technical director personally to guide the completion of