Kampuchea Angkor Wat is a world-famous tourist destination, with a rich exotic, known as one of the world’s most mysterious ancient buildings. Recently, the Australian University researchers found that Angkor Wat is now underground buildings, the ancient building community may contain more secrets.

reported that these underground buildings located in the Southern Wu can cave body, 8 towers in the West moat near the gate, built by sandstone and laterite. Leading research team experts speculated that the spiral structure may be to provide livestock as a sacrifice or food garden, because the spiral shape of religious significance.

image display, a low density area near the Angkor Wat, there are roads, ponds and mounds, made possible by the Angkor Wat construction workers. Archaeologists have discovered that some of the towers were built into a series of squares, or used to support one or more buildings. They speculated that the tower was built before the completion of the Angkor Wat to support the temple, Angkor Wat and the completion of the completion of the construction of the moat began to be demolished.

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