in the Chinese fast food in a number of food and beverage brands have a firm foothold in the food and beverage market, becoming a formal fast food, such as: Braised chicken rice. Huang braised chicken rice in the food and beverage market has basically been unable to shake the status quo, it will be a combination of traditional Chinese food and fast food business model clever, become the unique dining mode.

operating yellow braised chicken rice is now very popular to join the project, so Xiaobian for you to analyze how to operate a small yellow chicken rice shop?

The first point of

is the fast food restaurant. Yellow braised chicken rice has always been convenient, cost-effective, the main characteristics of the public as the main object of service, so the positioning of any Chinese fast food must be popular, medium and low. Then the yellow chicken stew rice must be oriented to factories, office buildings, commercial downtown area, consumers near the school. Let more consumers know more about it.

Select the operation of fast food varieties

second varieties of fast food is clear, either business or business meals, noodles, or business pastry; there is a business is a fast food varieties, some run supplemented by other varieties. Can make your yellow chicken chicken restaurant more vibrant. Fast food shop management Yellow braised chicken rice Hotel points, in addition to economic benefits, convenient and clean and tidy so as to allow consumers to eat more comfortable. Whether it is the cook in the kitchen, or the front office staff, must be skilled movements are to meet the customers come to eat, eating away the demand. Fast food shop staff must be clear division of labor, but also with each other, so as to achieve the overall fast effect, in order to attract more consumers to eat.

would like to join the Yellow braised chicken rice, and what need to pay attention to the place? Here are some of the procedures required before opening the relevant formalities:

first, the business license of individual industrial and commercial households to start registration, I must be in good health, with the appropriate operational capacity and conditions, in addition to my written application, but also to provide proof of the relevant (part):

1, identity: the applicant should provide my ID card;

2, occupation status: (for example if unemployed, whether retired and resigned as


3, yellow braised chicken rice franchise to join the operating site to prove:

(1) rental agreement, proof of ownership, to change the non proof;

(2) to enter the market in various types of operations required to be approved by the market management office seal;