customer home consumption, as the owner, want the first time to meet the needs of customers is not wrong. However, in the current complex shopping environment, if you can provide some good reminder, often more able to be recognized by customers, so that the business is booming business.

again in the roadside to buy vegetables to sell fruit, you should be optimistic about the car and belongings, do not give the thief a chance to start." In January 30 evening, Ms. Lee bought an Orange County Road 104 near the door of a supermarket, a turn around time, on the electric car basket bag to give away. Lee said that when she put the electric car parked next to the fruit stand, want to buy some oranges to take home, that can not buy a few minutes.

and myself in the next electric car, will not have what thing, so there is no out basket bag, so she can pick up the orange turned to take the money, only to find in the basket bag had been stolen. In addition to cash in the bag, as well as identity cards, driver’s license, bank cards, U shield and other documents and bills. Ms. Lee is very upset: "to go through these documents too cumbersome, as long as I know, I do not buy oranges here."

According to the

County police in recent days, often received the public to reflect, someone in the street shopping when the electric car not on the side of the lock, people ride away; there are people in the shopping, went to pick things and ignore the backpack, stolen wallet……

Spring Festival is approaching, tourist flow increased, the management of tobacco and non-staple food, roadside shops, in order to attract customers, most of them will put the goods put on the outside, or in the intersection set fruit stalls and candy stalls, both for the convenience of customers to buy, can also add a lot of popularity for the store. However, if you happen to occur in front of the store or stall customer theft, will also bring some negative impact on the business.

so I think that, as a business, in the store, business is busy, don’t forget to schedule, by virtue of their own experience, strengthen the prevention of the focus groups, especially should pay special attention to those of his coat over his arm, who deliberately crowded people in the booth, but don’t forget to come customer friendly reminder: shopping should be optimistic about the belongings, do not give the opportunity.

either roadside stall, or in the shop for consumption, if the customer can not feel more stable consumer environment, I am afraid it is difficult to attract customers to spend. In fact, to create a safe and comfortable shopping environment for customers to stimulate more consumer spending.