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love story features:

: facial features to enhance the beauty is beautiful, with long curly eyelashes, moderately Curved Eyebrow can help people add beautiful color. Love eyelash eyelash grafting let beauty suddenly UP!

professional design: Love Story ciliary eyelash grafting can be based on your face, eye eyelash style free design and the length of right and wrong, let beauty the one and only you.

lasting firm: love eyelash eyelash grafting to make an eyelash grafting and eyebrow design to maintain 1 months, more durable and more secure.

security: love eyelash eyelash grafting all use of imported products and appliances, painless, no risk.

relaxed and comfortable: the use of Japanese technology, love eyelash eyelash grafting grafting no trace, like a natural eyelashes, lifelike, natural.

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