"13th Five-Year" at the beginning of the year, the supply side structural reform is a crucial force.

How to complete the

production capacity, to inventory, leverage, reduce costs, make up the short board of five key tasks, a test of macro-control and deepen the reform of the China ability determines the economic transformation and upgrading of the future, become the focus of NPC and CPPCC to attend on behalf of the members and experts concerned.

to capacity: determined to put in place

"Yajian production capacity is not utter words so simple, the whole process is very difficult, a series of problems involving corporate debt, employee relocation, transformation and upgrading." The National People’s Congress, Hebei Yong Yang Steel Group Chairman Du Qingshen told reporters that the company’s production capacity from 3 million tons to 2 million 400 thousand tons Yajian steel, and new products by adjusting the first shovel excavator production line production cars, corporate profits do not fall.

part of the industry overcapacity serious economic development in China is a chronic disease, the economy into the new normal, the problem has become the shackles of transformation and upgrading. To the production capacity is the first of the five tasks. This problem is not solved, deleveraging, inventory and other issues are difficult to achieve practical results." A member of the CPPCC National Committee, China (Hainan) reform and Development Research Institute president Chi Fulin point.

analysis of the National People’s Congress, economist Gu Shengzu, the supply side structural reform is first of all to the resources released from industry overcapacity, and deliver more labor, capital and technology for emerging industries through innovation and entrepreneurship.

to capacity, the key lies in the implementation of. The National People’s Congress, Hunan Lengshuijiang Steel Corp chairman Chen Daifu said that the government and society to create new employment opportunities, seeking a way for enterprise employees; the enterprises should get rid of "rely on" mental efforts, through scientific and technological innovation to solve the low efficiency and low efficiency problems.

Gu Shengzu said that the capacity to bring unemployment and tax reduction and other issues, the process is very painful, the key is to make social policy fallback. At the same time, vigorously promote the development of innovation and entrepreneurship and the development of the service industry, effectively hedge the pressure on the economic development of production capacity.

inventory: properly deal with the differentiation pattern

first tier cities in the real estate market unpopular, prices continued to rise, and many second tier cities, especially the three or four line is still full of chill".

real estate market differentiation intensified, increasing the difficulty and complexity of inventory." The National People’s Congress, the Jilin provincial revolutionary committee deputy director Guo Naishuo said, first-tier cities itself has strong siphon effect, housing prices have a certain foundation. But irrational rise is clearly not conducive to the healthy and stable development of the real estate market, and overdraft three or four lines of the city’s purchasing power.

at this stage is the focus of the three or four tier cities inventory." Wang Yiming, deputy director of the State Council Development Research Center suggested that the development of bulk rental market, the net outflow of population in the region to control the supply of land for real estate, and provide preferential policies for the transfer of rural population.

in the context of market differentiation intensified;