In December 29, 2015, "the overall planning of Qinghai Lake scenic area (2015-2025)" (hereinafter referred to as the "master plan") approved by the State Council, was officially approved by the Ministry of housing and urban construction, Qinghai Lake national scenic area will define the scope of 7577.84 square kilometers, center view area is defined as 4635.61 square kilometers.

it is understood that the "master plan" in accordance with the "protection of scenic resources, conducive to reflect the value of the main scenic resources, focusing on the protection of ecological resources, planning from the scenic scenic tours, typical landscape, tour facilities, environmental protection and other aspects of planning, phased development. Respectively, the recent (2015-2020) and long-term (2020-2025) planning development goals.

Ministry of housing and urban rural construction requirements, within 1 years from the date of approval to complete the planning, scenic spots and the center view Scope Demarcation stake to establish and perfect the national scenic emblem of Zhi; give priority to protection, to the protection of the principle of strict protection of important resources in scenic spots, natural landscape water birds no, quarrying, deforestation, water pollution, damage to cultural relics and other acts; deadline renovation, relocation or removal effect of landscape environment construction facilities, to restore the natural environment and landscape. The number of control within the scenic tourist service facilities land use scale and scale of construction, planning and design, architectural style and coordinated scenic environment; good town planning and scenic areas planning coordination, control the scale of living, properly handle the relations of production and life of farmers and herdsmen of scenic resources protection and utilization, as soon as possible to improve the environmental sanitation, sewage processing, such as disaster protection infrastructure.

the "master plan" approved, marking the Qinghai Lake scenic area of the protection, utilization, management and development has entered a new stage of sustainable development to promote the scientific and standardized, and has positive significance to promote the development of regional economy, will provide a strong guarantee and basis of environmental protection, Qinghai Lake scenic area construction project and tourism development.