8 month 20 days, after a week of field investigation and indoor discussion the question, our province economic feasibility study report cited Huang West Canal Project, official assessment by the national development and Reform Commission review commissioned by the Chinese International Engineering Consulting Corporation group, pre marked the West Main Canal Project breakthrough, for the project officially construction has laid a solid foundation.

it is understood that the west main canal project was included in the 172 major water conservancy project construction sequence state recently, our province is "a number of water conservancy project" yindajihuang of the three phase of the project this year is one of the 20 countries to accelerate the construction of major water conservancy projects to promote. From the Heiquan reservoir water diversion project, Datong, Huangzhong Canal line via Xining two County in arid mountainous areas, eventually to the Gan River Industrial Park into Dashimen reservoir. After the completion of the project each year for the west along the main canal of 20 thousand hectares of arable land, forest land and irrigation of the Gan River Industrial Park production of 184 million cubic meters of water, the project area of people out of poverty, has important significance for promoting regional economic and social development.

Group believes that, after the completion of the project will effectively play the economic benefits of Huang Engineering, it has important significance for promoting the sustainable development of local economy and society, it is necessary to engineering construction; engineering construction scale is reasonable, reliable and comply with the relevant water source project planning, project layout and main building design is reasonable, there is no major construction projects technical problems and environmental factors, a reasonable project in economy. At the same time, analysis the project area water demand quota, a group of experts in the review division of irrigation, put forward reasonable opinions and suggestions of the optimization of branch layout and field supporting engineering design.