according to the Xining municipal government "smooth traffic project" arrangements, Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Detachment will take measures to improve the traffic capacity of the intersection part and the part of the city, and actively solve the main roads and vehicles mixed problems.

Xining public security traffic police detachment commissar Chen Xinping:

recording "Xining city traffic police detachment will enter the intersection 50 meters to 70 meters from the lane at present 3.5 meters to 3.9 meters down to 2.8 meters to 3 meters, which is two lanes to three lanes, three lanes to four lanes of traffic, mining potential; the intersection crosswalk line and forward stop line, to reduce the vehicle through the intersection of the time, to achieve fast through the purpose; the conditions of the intersection are set and delimit the left turn vehicle waiting area; the re allocation of lane, turn left, straight, right turn lane according to the traffic flow and size, can also be set straight turn left turn right straight line or mixed lane." recording stop

Xining city traffic police detachment before entering the intersection of 50 to 70 meters in the air set Lane allocation index sign, delimit road driving direction guiding arrow markings, prompting the driver according to their own direction of travel and pre selected change lanes, reduce vehicle waiting for the signal, because the green light after change lanes and influence on the normal running of vehicles and interference. At the same time, further optimize the signal timing scheme to turn left a lot of traffic intersections left turn lane and multi phase signal, traffic signal setting left turn vehicles, according to the volume of traffic intersection, adjust signal timing, reduce signal distribution is not reasonable and the formation of the vehicle waiting delay or wait.

A recording of "

recently on Jianguo Road and 71 Road, road, Jianguo Road, Kunlun street, Simon crossroads and the public road eleven Road, Kunlun road and South Street intersection, off the West Cross and Tongren Road junction, 54 street and Tongren Road intersection, victory road and Tongren Road intersection, Xinning road and 54 street intersection, Qilian road and Bridge Street at the intersection of the ten intersection reconstruction ." Recording stop

Xining city public security traffic police detachment will be part of the main road and Xining road central isolation facilities, the separation of people and vehicles. In order to ensure the selection of bypass part of the vehicle driving on the branch, on the one hand to occupy the road affects the passage of vehicles to be banned and regulate business activities; on the other hand will be on the temporary parking spaces for branch set re planning and layout; traffic police on duty from the activities are mainly concentrated in the city main roads and secondary roads extended to slip.

is currently recording "to set the isolation of the road there are eight, is victory road was from the five fork in the road to the people’s Park, 54 street across the turntable is the Yangtze River Road junction to North Street intersection, Xinning South Street, across the board, across the Yangtze River Road, Dongguan Street, there are 54 Road, Kunlun road is Xishan a lane to three lane Xishan this place;