Qinghai news network reporter from the Xining municipal government held in March 5th to stabilize prices to ensure the supply of work conference that, because of all the attention and the city’s municipal government departments and make concerted efforts, solidarity and cooperation, effectively ensuring the effective supply and prices basically stable over a period of Xining city residents of the necessities of life. According to the relevant information, in January this year, the Xining price index (GPI) in the country’s 36 large and medium cities in the ranking compared to the apparent shift in December 2007.

In the face of

began in June 2007, pork prices continue to rise, the main non-staple food prices began in November is high, grain, vegetable prices continued to fluctuate the grim situation, the leadership of the municipal government attaches great importance to the timely establishment of the municipal government, security of supply and stable prices for the market joint meeting system, important commodity price changes at any time, held a joint meeting study and work arrangements, timely take appropriate measures. All members of the joint conference of solidarity and cooperation, carry out their duties, in addition to leading enterprises strong support and cooperation, so that the new year’s day, during the Spring Festival, the market supply of commodities, the price is stable, does not appear important goods out of stock situations, to ensure the people live happy and peaceful Spring festival.

although the price index in the national large and medium cities in the post shift, but the city’s consumer prices rose last year compared with the same month is still up to 9.4%, indicating that the overall price level in Xining is still running high. Municipal Committee, vice mayor Xue Guangzhou requirements of various departments still have to maintain a high sense of responsibility, should attach great importance to stabilize prices, can not relax. To continue to strengthen information communication, timely grasp of market prices, timely reporting, to ensure that the timing is not lost control. To continue to increase market supervision, at any time to correct violations of illegal business practices. At the same time, we should focus on long-term planning and improve the self-sufficiency of some goods, enhance the ability to deal with unexpected time, to lay a good foundation for a more long-term and more effective solution to price fluctuations. (author: Shi Fei)