winter season, Xining City self-produced food gradually reduced, in order to ensure market supply, stabilize the meat prices, recently, the Municipal Bureau of Commerce and transportation funds invested 80 million yuan, will put 50 thousand tons of vegetables in the distribution of reserves within the city, and the Qinghai Tibet Plateau center will take 16 thousand tons of dispatching reserve task, to maximize the public to eat cheap, assured meat.

it is understood that the Tibetan Plateau distribution center as the province’s largest vegetable basket project, from July this year began trial operation, in order to attract a large number of merchants settled, the center adopted a series of relief measures for business users to get the maximum benefits. Recently, in combination with the city this winter and spring vegetable transport activities, distribution center from December 20, 2012 -2013 year in January 3rd will open the "new year winter vegetable shopping festival, the event will be from Shandong, Shaanxi, Gansu and other organizations transporting Chinese cabbage, celery, cauliflower, cucumber, melon, tomatoes, bamboo shoots, nearly 30 varieties of 20 thousand transport and reserve tons of vegetables, all in accordance with the" flat "low income principle on the market. In order to facilitate the operation of the business, where all the business activities of the garrison stationed in the event, the distribution center will be free of charge, property costs, the daily limit will be issued for the purchase of commercial shopping card subsidies.

December 20th, uniform, large-scale distribution center has ushered in the more than and 30 businesses stationed, it is reported that the Qinghai Tibetan Plateau since the center undertakes tasks, special offer food supply area specially set up in the center of the distribution area, the supply of vegetables, vegetable wholesale price than the normal price fall by about 10%, with the key card purchase food supply supermarkets, farmers markets and community outlets. During the shopping festival, in order to facilitate the public to purchase, the distribution center organized a free train every day from time to time to the center of the central distribution center, as far as possible to satisfy the public. (author: Fang Xu)