from November 10th onwards, our province as the first national comprehensive reform pilot provinces, again "the first to eat crab", the first implementation of the new medical service price standard, the province’s public medical institutions (including the army, industry hospital) of the medical service price project will be 4049 to 9714, and the degree of standardization of project fine will be significantly improved. This is the reporter learned from the provincial health care office to do the news.

2015 in January, the State Council reform leading group Jiangsu, Fujian, Anhui, Qinghai Province as the pilot province four first comprehensive health care reform, our province as the only western provinces, in the lead position in the health care system, medical insurance unified planning at the provincial level, grading clinics, serious illness insurance, after the first hospitalization settlement, concern. In the reform of public hospitals, from 2012 onwards, our province has been in accordance with the total control, structural adjustment, rise and fall, gradually put in place the principle of "unity of more than 310 medical services in public hospitals at the county level general medical services, inspection, operation treatment, such as the national medicine price adjustments. The average increase in the price of medical services, which would need to be raised, is 11.7%, and the average price cut is about $13.7% on the items that need to be cut in the price of health services (see article), which is about $230.

this year, the province in ensuring the healthy operation of public hospitals, health insurance funds can withstand the burden of the overall burden of the masses is not increased, the full implementation of medical service price reform. According to the "national medical service price standard" (2012 Edition), formulated the "public hospital medical service price adjustment plan", the medical service items from 4049 adjusted to 9714, became the first to implement the new health service price project specification of the provinces.

It is reported that

, the new scheme appropriate to improve the diagnosis, surgery, nursing and other high technology content of the project, the project price, dialysis part relates to special groups of chronic disease and other recent cost increases, still maintain the original price or lower price; large equipment inspection, imaging diagnosis inspection and test items will be the national medical service price; the project from the current 76 to 348. Medical reform leading group will be adjusted according to the actual situation in the operation of medical institutions in place gradually improve; by strengthening management and innovation mechanism to achieve lower costs, reduce the requirements of a part of their own digestion.