basic living expenses of minors 1000 yuan per month

recently, the provincial government agreed that the provincial Civil Affairs Department, the Provincial Department of Finance and the provincial health department jointly issued the "notice" issued on HIV infected children basic living expenses shall have the registered permanent residence of this province with HIV and AIDS (referred to as a minor under the age of 18 HIV infected children) the issuance of basic the cost of living, basic living expenses 1000 yuan a month, a replacement from January 2012 onwards.

: the procedure for application by infected children themselves or their guardians of the county civil affairs department to voluntary domicile, and a copy of the original, the provincial disease and submit the identity card and residence booklet infected children and their guardians to the control of the relevant medical institutions to make the prevention of proof and other materials, the county civil affairs departments will be based on the application materials, approved, put forward approval. Through the audit, the County Department of finance will be based on the budget proposed by the Civil Affairs Department, the basic monthly living expenses of infected children will be allocated directly to the infected children or their guardian personal account, the implementation of social distribution. Children infected with a cure or at least 18 years of age or death, from the start of the month to determine the basic living expenses. Notification requirements, in order to protect the privacy of children infected with HIV, shall not be verified in the way of publicity, strict control of HIV infected children’s personal data, is strictly prohibited. (author: Meng Jun)