In order to strengthen the city underground space utilization, eliminate the "zipper City Project", to solve the existing problems in the construction of urban underground pipelines, ensure safe and smooth operation of city underground pipelines, underground pipe gallery in Xining City, the preliminary design review by the expert review, which marks the underground pipe gallery building in the city of Xining will enter a new era.

the underground pipe gallery in Xining city has implemented a total of 12 roads, a total length of about 34.9km, a total investment of about 3 billion 500 million yuan, is scheduled to start this year, is expected to three years completed. At the same time, the main road is the main road of the region, and the main part of the project includes two parts: the main project and the subsidiary project. The construction of the pipe gallery includes only the main pipe gallery and ancillary facilities, piping design and installation of the pipeline is not within the scope of the project. The content of pipeline corridor is 8 kinds of pipelines, such as electric power, communication, water supply, reclaimed water, heat, gas, sewage, rain water, etc. the communication pipeline includes 4 types of pipelines, such as telecom, mobile, China Unicom, radio and television. Under the construction of the road tunnel according to the current situation of the pipeline and the layout of the special layout of the pipe gallery cabin, pipe gallery cabin for 1 ~ 3 cabin.