9 5 pm, Xining city public security fire brigade held a press conference to inform the progress of work. (Ben reporter Li Na photo)

to do a good job in the current fire safety work, effectively prevent and curb serious fire accidents, especially Qunsiqunshang vicious fire accidents, ensure the fire situation of Xining City steady, Xining city police fire brigade within the city to carry out the "fire safety" special action and the key unit of fire safety management work "Hukou". September 5th afternoon, the Xining municipal public security fire brigade held a press conference to inform the progress of the work.

it is reported that the fire safety special action remarkable results, the full implementation of the streets, township fire safety grid management. Promote the township streets, establish and improve fire safety grid management organization and working mechanism of grid units and places, in the village (Village) people hospital building, to conduct a comprehensive investigation, effectively solve the problem of a large number of fire hazards. Since June 19th, the national fire safety special action, Xining fire brigade has mobilized 11 thousand people, 5338 units were examined, and the hidden trouble in 10859, issued 3382 copies of the notice shall be ordered to make corrections, urge the rectification of fire hazards 10312. During the special operation, the 144 units are fire hazards and other fire violations were temporary seizure of "three stop" punishment of 65 units, 93 units and 12 individuals of a total of 661 thousand and 500 yuan in fines of 22 fire illegal persons responsible for the administrative detention, and home to 12 major fire hazard units to the government were to supervise the handling. At the same time, through the establishment of the Xining city fire hazard reporting complaints center, all-weather acceptance of complaints from all walks of life, the implementation of the complaint reporting incentives. From July 24th to date, 96119 prizes to report calls received a total of complaints from the masses of the people from the beginning of the investigation, the investigation of the 63, effectively stimulate the masses through the "63" to report the enthusiasm of the fire hazard complaints reported by the "96119".

Xining city fire safety key units "hukou" management work in an orderly manner, the unit of fire safety responsibility and management change declaration, building fire protection facilities maintenance unit of fire safety assessment declaration, the declaration of the "three self declaration" system, and strive through three years to complete the basic realization of the key unit of fire safety fire safety "of household registration" management, in 2012 reached 30%, 2013 reached 80%, completed in 2014. Through meticulous planning, careful organization and guidance; the implementation of sound files, a file; statistical analysis, the implementation of dynamic regulation of the "four links" pay close attention to key units of the "domicile of management, the implementation of red, yellow and green three color warning dynamic monitoring of key units, the red warning unit, a supervision and inspection for key units per month, two times in a row of red alert, to supervise the handling, interviewed unit is mainly responsible for measures to supervise the implementation of fire safety management responsibilities. Comprehensively improve the community;