Reporters from the April 1st meeting of the Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau Traffic Police detachment vehicle management news conference that day, Xining traffic police department issued a traffic convenience measures, opened 14 service station, the nearest public convenience to handle all his business.

Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau vehicle administration, the opening of the 14 traffic police service stations were set up in the three counties of the four district of Xining city and subordinate brigade checkpoints, service stations to carry out specific business including: driver’s license certification work, traffic violation inquiries, handle traffic violations, A1, A2, told to hold the A3, B1, B2 quasi driving vehicle driver’s license of the driver a driver’s license to carry out inspection date, fill permits for work.

at the same time, for the convenience of the driver quickly and conveniently driving license and vehicle information, and interact with the Department, Xining city vehicle administration also opened the name "Xining vehicle administration" the official Tencent micro-blog, and two service hotline 0971-8081680, 0971-8222667, and will be in the Xining City Public Security Bureau Network and information portal mobile phone text messages, opened the driver’s license, compulsory registration, overdue inform the cancellation of driver’s license information function. (author: Yuan Yuhong)