on December 14th in the afternoon, Xining agile Qinghai award grants ceremony was held in Huangzhong. Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of Qinghai Province, Xining municipal government and alumni representatives of the teachers and students of nearly more than and 100 people attended the awarding ceremony.

"agile Qinghai teaching award grants" is in support of the overseas Chinese Affairs Office of overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council and the province, Hongkong Agile Property Holdings Limited in May last year donated 20 million yuan in a special fund to teach student award in our province set up. It is used to subsidize students from poor families and to reward outstanding teachers who have contributed to the development of education in poverty-stricken areas for a long time. At the beginning of this year, Xining City, Qinghai Province Overseas Chinese Affairs Office to actively apply for agile teaching award grants, the Provincial Overseas Chinese Affairs Office for approval, to obtain "Qinghai agile teaching award grants Xining reward outstanding teachers and high school students in poor places a total of 104. Among them, 54 outstanding teachers, poor students, 50. After the recommendation, screening, review, publicity, trial reports and other work, and ultimately in Xining City, Huangyuan, and three counties in the chase of the more than and 40 schools were selected to receive the award of outstanding teachers and subsidized poor students. (author: Xiao Liu)