in Xining city last year, the national fitness and life summer tour of Xining activities the basis of great success, this year, I continue to sports and the integration of culture and tourism, landscape, building will complete a series of sports projects investment and focus on sports events, the number of years often participate in sports activities to achieve the city’s total population of 53%.

it is understood that the city last year held a total of more than and 70 items of all kinds of sports events, the number of participants reached more than 600 thousand people, including new year’s day race, kite tournament, plateau mountain bike challenge three mass sports brand events to publicize the summer capital of Xining has played a positive role in the annual sports events occurred every week activities, monthly events, good momentum of perennial uninterrupted, fitness atmosphere has influence to the whole society. China Football League, basketball game, a A China Xining Railway Station five northwestern provinces International Latin dance and national competitions, to promote the development of the fitness industry, especially in sports activities effectively stimulate people emerge in an endless stream, vitality and passion. On this basis, I will complete the transformation of the west end of the stadium, this year sports fitness and recreation center two projects, completed the construction of 25 administrative villages cement standard basketball court, 6 fitness Plaza, 7 demonstration community and other livelihood projects, efforts to strengthen the construction of the Red Valley fitness leisure sports fitness base, Nanchuan River recreation corridor, Dan Gar national track and field training camp, plateau bicycle chase kite ditch snow two project. The mass sports activities held 30 times, to build leisure and sports activities, held seven games, such as ice and snow festival. (author: Ge Wenrong)