relive the party oath, singing revolutionary songs, clean government culture into building homes…… This year’s 71, West District, Xining City Xiguan Street office to a different series of activities, the majority of Party members and the masses show a red cultural feast.

to commemorate the 92 anniversary of the establishment of the Communist Party of Chinese, praising the party’s glorious history, inherit and carry forward the fine tradition of the party, the party’s core to further play the leading role, improve the comprehensive quality of Party cadres, Party members and competing for a stimulating activity, reflect the advanced nature of the Communist Party and the model of off party ties with the masses of grassroots service boom 71, on the eve of Xiguan Street office to carry out the "red party, to be handed down from age to age the red culture campaign" series, in the grass-roots party organizations to carry out a party proceedings, by Party members on Council, the residents reflect the opinions of the masses, the party’s wisdom and creativity together, wisdom and reflect public opinion, to solve the people, unite the people, to improve the effectiveness of the party organization of scientific decision-making and work, motivate party members to participate in society Active area construction, suggestions to promote the development of street positive suggestions; the grass-roots party organizations had a political birthday for all Party members, to relive the party oath, enhance the historical sense of responsibility and sense of honor; the selection of the classic repertoire, highlighting the theme of education, to carry out the songs sung in the whole street activities, the majority of Party members to further stimulate the Patriotic Party feelings; in mini lectures activities, leading cadres or expert Professor instead of the old party members, party activists will, by telling my own experiences and side moving story, the interpretation of the deep meaning of the party constitution learning new conditions in the new period, the. In addition, members of the party to carry out the service day, helping the party to send warmth, honest culture into the hospital and other activities. (author: Zhang)