November 8th at 9 in the morning, the Chinese Communist Party attracted worldwide attention in the grand opening of the National Congress of Beijing in Eighteenth

11 at 8 am on the morning of, the world’s attention to the Chinese Communist Party’s eighteenth National Congress opened in Beijing. Xining city food and drug supervision and Management Bureau actively organize all the staff, in the bureau meeting room eighteen to watch the opening ceremony of the event, listening to the general secretary Hu Jintao entitled "unswervingly following the socialist road China characteristics for building a well-off society and struggle" work report.

the eighteen major Chinese Communist Party in China is a key period of building a moderately prosperous society in an all-round way and deepening reform and opening up, accelerate the transformation of economic development mode in a crucial period of the general assembly. Conscientiously sum up the work of the five years since the 17th CPC National Congress, and in the next period of China’s people’s livelihood, national defense, economic construction, the construction of Party members, the territorial integrity of the motherland and so on.

the requirements of the Party group, the eighteen organizations to watch the opening ceremony is an important learning activities, Party members and cadres should have a high sense of political responsibility, full of enthusiasm to actively participate in and watch, to study and publicize and implement the spirit of eighteen, a good start. At the same time, in the specific work, with the spirit of the party’s eighteen pointer, and shoulder the glorious mission of the food and drug administration, the food and drug administration work to keep pace with the times, pioneering and innovative, to promote Xining’s economic development, social stability, people live and work in peace to play a greater role.

after the opening ceremony, the staff encouraged, we have said: to further study the general secretary Hu Jintao’s report, in-depth understanding of the spirit of the speech, and to implement the spirit of the speech to the food and drug supervision career, solid work, diligent service people.

Zhou pointed out: the eighteen party is an important meeting held at an important period, to clarify the "hold high the great banner of socialism with China, Deng Xiaoping theory and the important thought of" Three Represents ", Scientific Outlook on Development as a guide, emancipate the mind, reform and opening up, gather strength, overcome difficulties, unswervingly along the road of socialism China., built for the comprehensive well-off society and struggle" theme, the general secretary of the report is encouraging, as food and drug supervision departments, one is to raise awareness, in a global upsurge of learning; two is to highlight key points, grasp the twelve aspects of the contents of the report; three is to organize the study and propaganda work, strengthen the leadership of Party members. Leading cadres should play an exemplary role, good at thinking, deepen understanding, enhance the scientific supervision, responsible for food and drug safety Total burden. I will be the eighteen spirit of learning as a long-term current and future periods and important political task, at the same time, to study and implement the spirit of the party’s eighteen, reflected in the actual work, the implementation of specific actions, to continue efforts to strengthen party building, strengthen cadre team construction and style construction and adhere to administration according to law, the excitation energy of the grassroots party organizations, play the role of grass-roots party organizations, to lay a solid foundation for food and drug safety supervision work of the city to a new level;