March 10th, the city’s organization and propaganda minister of the meeting and the general secretary Xi Jinping series of speech exchanges will be held. The meeting conveyed the provincial ministers of the organization, the propaganda minister conference, deputy secretary of Municipal Committee and Secretary Su Rong presided over the meeting, Municipal Standing Committee, Minister of propaganda department, City Union president Wang Haihong summed up the deployment of the city’s propaganda and ideological work, municipal committee, organization department minister Bi Xiaoning summed up the deployment of the work of the organization, the Organization Department of the county, Datong the Party Organization Department, municipal organs who were responsible for learning series general secretary Xi Jinping speech practice, experience and achievements and to spoke at the meeting.

, Su Rong stressed that the basic learning series general secretary Xi Jinping’s speech in the fully affirmed the city’s propaganda work in the city organization of the achievements, to perfect the style, pragmatic initiatives, to carry out a good educational practice: organization, propaganda department as participants, organizers and promoters of educational practice, to implement a strict requirements, organize their activities; two to highlight the problem oriented, to carry out activities; three to strengthen the public opinion, the promotion of good. To strict discipline, fine concept, good organization and propaganda work in the organization, to grasp the overall requirements, focus the work, from nine aspects to the overall organizational work level; two to three u-nities and realize the mutual promotion, which should be combined with the city’s party the mass line of educational practice, and create the advanced district of the city of national unity and progress together, combined with comprehensive deepening reform; three to innovative ideas, improve the quality of work, which must keep up with the pace of innovation, innovation must be combined with the actual work, must be innovative in learning from. In propaganda work, to form a cohesive force, the integration of all resources, mobilize all forces, efforts to build a big publicity pattern; two to grasp the direction, must strengthen guidance consciousness, guide the string taut, full implementation of the requirements of the guide; three to take the initiative as, to adhere to positive propaganda, firmly grasp the right to speak, in the the timing of initiative, squeeze the maximum negative information and wrong thinking space; four to manage positions, strengthen the construction of news communication media, public opinion construction focus on newspapers, radio and television, Internet based, will not provide a channel of communication to the wrong thoughts, various units and departments at all levels should adapt to the work in the media attention and under the supervision of public opinion, improve the ability to deal with the media, and strive to achieve good solution, treating and using the media. It is necessary to cultivate and carry forward the socialist core values with the spirit of innovation, rich carrier, to strengthen the guidance of education, attach importance to practice, innovate the ways and means, and strengthen the construction of the mechanism.