In order to further promote the pace of plateau tourism province construction, Qinghai Province Tourism Bureau 2014 identified as the province’s tourism promotion year ", focus on changing the pattern of development of tourism, promote tourism products transformation and structural adjustment, focus on accelerating the construction of tourism projects, deep into the building" beauty of Qinghai "brand, and strive to enhance the tourism service the quality of work, efforts to promote sustained and rapid development of the province’s tourism industry.

it is understood that this year, the Provincial Tourism Bureau will focus on building a double car driving and rural tourism, the main characteristics of the new pattern of tourism. First, self driving travel. Up to now, the province has built 23 covering a circle of three lines of important towns and nodes of the self driving camp, the 151 signs. In 2014, according to the "self driving tourism product planning", with "one circle and three line" as the focus, and the construction of self driving Camp Camp and demonstration of more than 10, supporting the improvement of gas station and tourism service facilities such as toilets, tourism sign system, promote the self driving camp promotion, tends to be more standardized facilitation and. Focus on the introduction of eight special boutique tourist routes to Qinghai Lake, Qilian Mountains, Sanjiang, source Tangfangudao, silk road pursuit, exploration as the representative of the roof of the world. Two is around the lake tourism. Support and cultivate bicycle tourism products, speed up the lake along the bicycle post, camp, Youthotel, bicycle lanes and other ancillary service facilities. Three rural tourism. The rural tourism and the construction of ecological civilization ecological civilization started together, licensing, licensing, licensing and other blue sky and white clouds, green mountains and rivers rural tourism brand, increase the area north of the city of Xining Tao Bei Cun Dong Xu Cun, Guide and Menyuan Pine Village, Xunhua, three blue Bahaicun mutual Xiao Zhuang County town of Weiyuan village, Jianzha village, Datong County Zhiganglaka Kangle village 10 provincial rural tourism demonstration village construction. (author: Tang Zhongyu)