once a year in the college entrance exam is approaching, in order to ensure the smooth progress of the college entrance examination this year, the majority of candidates to provide a warm and quiet review and examination environment, Xining city public security, industry and commerce, urban management, transportation, electricity, health and other members of the unit entrance examination, exert their functions, combined to the entrance to escort escort.

business: 200 meters of banned Internet cafes and lottery

During the period of

from May 23rd to June 23rd, Xining City Administration for Industry and Commerce and the county bureau and the Bureau, will focus on strengthening the administration of the registration of the test sites around the various types of business entities, banned in schools around 200 meters to run the cafe and set up a lottery betting site, banned in schools within 600 meters around the establishment of lottery franchise places, prohibit the establishment of electronic game room, around the school dance halls and other places of entertainment; increase the test centers around a small supermarket, a small grocery store to check, supervise operators to strictly implement certificate and invoice, purchase inspection, quality commitment system, according to the law dealt with unlicensed operation, distribution of "three noes", fake, toxic, expired spoiled food and the other does not meet the food safety standards the food and other illegal activities. Require operators to set up in a prominent position, not to sell cigarettes to minors logo. Adhere to the four check to see four in the renovation process; strict sites around the food, newspapers, audio and video products stores and business stationery and commercial network supervision, prevent the candidates engaged to disrupt public order in life and business activities, to effectively safeguard the fair competition in the market environment, investigate banning unlicensed behavior, actively regulate the management behavior in the increase punishment at the same time, to ensure the safety of consumer candidates.

traffic: 300 taxi free love to send test

in June 7th to 9, the college entrance examination three days, June 21st to 23 senior high school entrance examination for three days, Xining City Department of transportation requirements of bus after each exam, will stop using stops, prohibited whistle to oral report station, when the vehicle stops to slow down in advance, reduce the brake noise; the bus companies to grasp the operation line the situation, a reasonable allocation of capacity, ensure the operation and punctuality of bus operation order, to ensure the students can enter the examination room, at the same time to repair the vehicle, keep a good condition; to forget to bring student IC card candidates on the ticket free ride; Xining yunguanchu taxi 300 love to send test, free shuttle the candidates.

urban management: focus on noise control

During the period of

in the college entrance examination, Xining city urban management department to focus on remediation of the surrounding area schools, comprehensive clean-up Lane Hawking, placed outside the shop, mobile business stalls around the campus within 100 meters shall have various stalls; without the approval of free stage performances, with sound amplification equipment to play music, advertising business stores or, students and parents complain, will resolutely investigate and approval during the examination atmosphere to stop commercial activities; on the construction site, catering and entertainment, iron processing, vehicle maintenance and other noise to actively discouraged, and promptly notify the relevant departments to be investigated. Examination period;