understand the MSM in Xining (MSM) population of HIV / AIDS, syphilis and HCV infection rate, to further strengthen the MSM crowd detection to inform, prevention and intervention, follow-up management of infection and treatment measures, to explore and establish a suitable model of AIDS prevention and control. Xining Municipal Center for Disease Control and prevention in October 2008 with the Xining Municipal Science and Technology Commission, the Municipal Health Bureau signed the "Xining MSM survey and follow-up study of AIDS epidemic," the task of the project contract. The 7 issue by the Municipal Center for Disease Control and prevention of tuberculosis and AIDS prevention and control department and inspection center composed of the implementation team after more than 1 years of field investigation, laboratory testing and intervention of the target population, the successful completion of the objectives and tasks of scientific research subject. In August 25, 2010 the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, Health Bureau of the province invited experts to prevent the third conference Xining City Center for disease control room were reviewed and the evaluation of the "Xining MSM AIDS epidemic investigation and follow-up study on scientific research". Municipal Science and Technology Bureau Wang Ganghua, director of the Municipal Health Bureau and the director of the city of Liu Hong, director of the meeting attended by the director of the Ministry of finance, the Ministry of health, the people’s Republic of China, the Ministry of health, the. The province of infectious disease prevention and control experts and statistical experts Ma Yongcheng, Mao Huiqing, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, the evaluation and evaluation of the subject was carried out by the author, and then, by the experts of the statistics, such as: the Chinese and foreign experts, the experts of statistics and statistics, and so on.