With the deepening of the work of the city, the city’s overall quality of the public continues to improve. In the free and open park, on the bus, in each high streets and back lanes, the people of Xining are trying to make a civilized civilization is the most wonderful answer, xiadou notes, it is flowing from the hearts of the people and.After the free

Park: use civilization action to challenge

to create a civilized city is a long-term livelihood plan, the city’s creative initiatives are changing the lives of everyone. 2011, in order to create a good living environment, so that the general public to fully enjoy the fruits of the people, the municipal government to open free five municipal parks. In that period, many people objected, they think, after years of construction, I have this a beautiful park, if free and open, public civilization level is uneven, the long time, the park will be destroyed. However, the people with civilized action denied the question. At present, the park is open free for a year, although the number of tourists increased by more than two times, but now the park uncivilized phenomenon is very rare, some of the volunteers in the holidays also volunteered to maintain order, rectify the uncivilized behavior.

bus: more neat and comfortable

recently in the hearts of the public to a few buses hit a high score, because these buses are particularly clean and comfortable. A 5 bus line gave us a deep impression, the bus to create a home like warm environment: the car clean, the top two teams draw in early puberty flowers on the floor and it was painted on the simple elegant small Suihua, citizens Civilization Convention is embedded in a frame. The frame is surrounded by green decoration, car everywhere reveals the driver’s love. The day before, when the reporter sitting on the bus when the car is playing soothing music, a passenger car whispered to say that if Xining is such a good bus.

Street: the public to monitor the garbage into the box

"the trash bin is right in front of you." Create a city in the city people’s awareness of civilization continues to improve, we consciously care for public health streets. September 3rd, in the paper square street, a woman with a piece of paper thrown on the ground, her uncivilized behavior immediately attracted the attention of other passers-by, a man stepped forward to correct. With a red face, the lady picked up the paper and threw it into the dustbin. (author: Xiao Yan)