Reporters learned yesterday from the provincial Civil Affairs Department, this year, the Xining Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau of poverty relief system for college students funded 667 poor college students.

this year, Xining City, two county level civil affairs departments approved screening examination, 667 (Urban 140 students and 527 rural students) of poor students for the 2012 annual relief object, and signed a contract with the rescue of the county civil affairs departments, paid 1 million 134 thousand yuan relief funds for poor college students.

since 2000, Xining poor college student education assistance system has been funded 8161 poor college students, the cumulative payment of relief funds of $17 million 584 thousand.

Xining Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau of the impoverished college students education assistance system, from Xining City, two counties finance according to 60% and 40% of the proportion of low-income households in view of college poor students, the specific standards for each 2000 yuan interest free loan to help poor students enrollment. (author: Lan Haimei)