after eight months of the 2006 super stationmaster entrepreneurship competition, May 21st successfully dropped the curtain in Beijing, after intense PK competition, eventually committed to network security project of Internet security website Chen Sanyan won the championship, had asked health network chief Zhu Yipeng won the runner up, will be general webmaster Sun Bin won the runner up.

      May 19th from around the country top 32 owners gathered in Beijing, after a day of strict project financing negotiations, the final 8 owners to participate in the national talent shows itself eventually PK super stationmaster contest. The final finals are divided into three stages. By professional judges and guest judges judge, including Internet Celebrities Xie Wen, Baidu alliance director Zhou UE, civilink director Wang Chunlei and VC investment. In the first stage of each stationmaster at first sight, in a simulated scene for a one minute business plan at this stage show, the Internet security network master Chen three weir is directly for the final stage of talent shows itself, the final. At the same time a webmaster was eliminated. In the second stage of the talent shows itself debate, the 6 owners were divided into two groups on the problem of illegal business partner reimbursement fierce, finally had asked health network Zhu Yipeng and love friendship gift network Xu Dehong got the judges unanimously favored in the next stage. This stage and two webmaster was eliminated. Time to leave the PK stage in two contestants, the Chen Xi information network alliance also excited left tears, a few together and he ate the same training hold players close, but also the entire competition atmosphere to a climax. The following is a brutal two PK canvassing stage, the result will be spectrum stationmaster Sun Bin received more support from the audience, with a slight advantage to win and enter the ultimate final.

      in the final showdown, four owners of the former two stages respectively are the talent shows itself entrepreneurial projects described, and the guests and the audience a wonderful project quiz, won the audience a warm applause, the professional judges according to the website project market the degree of innovation capacity, the project site, the quality of the team and personal performance factors of scoring, project final Champions Internet security network master Chen three weir by virtue of its network security won the first super Adsense venture contest and won the 500 thousand risk investment in the contest organizers Chinese Electronic Commerce Association and Beijing billion Mary Online Technology Co. ltd.! This conference has successfully completed a full stop. It is left to everyone on the site entrepreneurs more understanding and thinking, but also look forward to the next contest has more and more excellent super webmaster to join, contributing to the cause of China’s Internet power!

      the final ranking: Champion – Internet safety net – Chen three weir, runner up – had asked health network – Zhu Yipeng, third – must be pu – Sun Bin, fourth – love lovers gift – > Red coming